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what the fuck did i just read

What the fuck

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…the big day has arrived,

trembling with anticipation, he hears the words he’s waited so long to hear:
“…and the first overall pick in this years NBA draft, Washington selects point guard Harry Potter out of Surrey, England.”

smiling ear to ear, NBA Commissioner Hagrid presents him with his brand new uniform,

"You’re a Wizard, Harry."


those sparkly tile dialogues……

2.84 for gas

Holy shit.



Pizza place at my university offers a “stoner pie” complete with pepperoni, bacon, extra cheese, mozzarella sticks, and French fries.

god that sounds so awful give me like 5

It was a terrible beer

Havin good beers before the one I’m prolly not gonna like

Joined the ufo club at the saucer. Time to beer it up.

Feelin fabulous for the saucer tonight. #gpoy #redlip

Oh god i ate ice cream cause we had no clean bowls.
And my body suddenly remembered I’m lactose intolerant

kakasbal replied to your post: kakasbal reblogged your video:boricha…

:„,( too bad i am not from USA

ah try amazon or ebay