Blatant Lies
Let's boogie


so I figure there’s a lot of people that will bring this up

these are the only pics I got from the spin the bottle game

there was a lot of hetalia and some homestuck

karkat called me over to play

it was pretty cool

got free pocky ouo

I wasn’t sure who these girls where

but they where pretty

actually though they where both great roses and I really liked them ouo

there’s a huge assortment of naruto pics cause my cousin is a naruto dweb

I’m featuring these cause that first pic man

Zack wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see us taking a picture too


this was like

the first homestuck group we popped up on

they where taking pictures when I walked up and all called for me to get in

Terezi must have taken these photos cause they aren’t focused

there was like 3 Velmas at the con

and she was by far the cutest ouo

the first two weren’t at the shoot but they where the intermission characters so

I was really glad we got a slick at the shoot

cause Droog needed someone to argue with :’33

and that Die was absolutely gorgeous


I almost forgot about these girls

they where so great

I wanted to touch them

I wanted to hug this feferi so bad

she was so cute ouo

this guy

was 6’11

he’s got almost 2 feet on me

when he leaned down to put his arm on my shoulder

I just

I died

also I keep forgetting who he’s cosplaying

let me tell you how much I love these two

they’re both really really cool

and Gamzee was the coolest gamzee there hands down

and I’m really glad I got to meet her and her friends and and yes ouo

and they had the absolute cutest stuff at their booth

I’m really glad I got a jade and dave buttons from them ouo

they’re best <3