Blatant Lies
Let's boogie♥
crawls over to you both im gomennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

shhhhh it’s okay.

it also makes me realize it’s sometimes hard to see people when you aren’t cosplaying from the same thing so you don’t at least have a photoshoot as a meetup point.

but we didn’t feel like homestucking.

But next con we will have dingle dangles :3

and afest in general is easier to find people

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intermission 1

scene 1

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megan please

A lot of my friends are pretty.

Like Sarah’s super pretty

So’s Megan(megacutie)

and Rissa’s pretty

So’s Lissa

Reine too

Kian is man-pretty

Oh Laurie is a good looker too

Cas and Kate got them looks too

Oh and Devin’s a super cute

Luke’s a babe too

and this barely even scraping the surface

oh no

oh yes +wonk+

because you’re pretty cool and i like it shut up let me follow you

i’M NoT COOL thO??!???!??!?!!?!

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did you get the text i sent you friiiisaturday?

no oAo

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yeah they’re fucknuts just let me make all of your clothes forever ok i’ll take care of u

okay yes ; ~ ;

godtierar replied to your post: clothing designers are still my worst enemy

no babe you’re fine

but people who run big companies

and I’m like “oh these are nice”

SIZES 0-16

and then I cry for hours because I’m fat

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ritz i drew jane and roxy in hoodies owo


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oh my god PRECIOUS. but ok i thought that was just a weird typo for “sleep”

oh gosh no

sleep isn’t on the schedule for awhile

styora is a pokemon RP site where it’s all the pokemon but they come in special colours *U*

like look at my buneary

user posted image

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i’m not here……… ;n;

I haven’t been on much when you’re on :C