Blatant Lies
Let's boogie


I need really rough sex, I need you to eat me, to spank me, to call me a good girl when I suck your dick, to bite me. I need your touch.


I think sex in the dark is nice not just because it’s in the dark and you can hide, but because it is dark. You don’t have your eyes to watch your partner, or know what they’ll do next. So, you have to just wait and feel what they’ll do, where they’ll touch. Without sight, it completely changes the sensation of sex. 

i need a booty call baaaaad

And I got a terrible tease “if the SO doesn’t come out tomorrow I’m fuckin you” ass

my main question is has anyone ever fantasized about having sex with me

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Someone come fuck me now. I’m high on dancing and need the release

Oh my fucking god I’m so damn horny I need to get fucking laid


yeah i have ocd,

obsessive cock desire

The also did it on my fucking bed. Assholes

Im honestly glad I didn’t. Turns out he finished the trifecta and boned my other cousin…..

Specially considering my mind and better judgment say “no don’t have sex with him again” while my vagina and bad judgement says “fuck it”

There’s a boy in my bed and we’re not having sex….

I need to get laid oh my gooooood