Blatant Lies
Let's boogie

Doodled a little Ever and Juliana. Poor estranged sisters.

another one I really like oxo

I kinda like how this turned out oxo

a pixel that took me entirely too long to finish

and I forgot how to shade hairs

so I didn’t even try


I want everyone to know I drew this without even going to brando’s facebook because I apparently know his face really fucking well.


by the by I’m pretending I can draw again.

so yeah

playing with perspective.

quick warmup doodle thing.

now I should do actual pwopl art

I think last one for today.
I used a reference this time. Feet and hands are still a struggle….
Juliana, Ever’s twin sister.
She’s not as full figured as her sister thanks to model diets and exercises.
But you can’t work off your bone structure.

I need to learn how to position limbs. And how to draw fat a bit better.
But anyways here’s ever my full figured lady.

I haven’t drawn in awhile let alone drawn Yuria. Figured I’d draw her to figure out what my style is like right now. That girl is mostly hip and butt.
I think I did decent on anatomy. Cept that foot, how do feet even.