Blatant Lies
Let's boogie

  wigmund said:

I like that you’re a big ole teddy bear :3

Would be if I wasn’t mobile. The Antlers is a band with a very particular meaning.

wigmund replied to your post: Dear Homestuck blogs that fol…

I don’t wanna unfollow you though ;n;

Lee please you are not a homestuck blog.

You may post homestuck sometimes but you aren’t a homestuck blog.

I’m talkin I just got a follower that every post was homestuck.

  wigmund said:
I kinda miss pestering you and making you laugh :D Who are you: Lee; Whats your favorite color: It's hard to pick, I love fall leaves and other earthy colors; Favorite ships: Rose/Kanaya and Jade/Karkat are my tops; Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla just because you can do so much with it; Do you have a cat: I have two cute kitties who are hiding right now.

earthy colours are nice. specially fall leaves oh gosh.

Rosemary is very very good.

so is jadekat what cuties

Vanilla is good yes, much better than mint…i wonder if I can add raspberry extract to vanilla and get raspberry…….



not carts

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Them Winchester Boys just ain’t right I tell you what Peggy

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Never leaving ya! Wish you’d blog more to be honest, but that may be Tumblr’s fault for not showing your posts since I’m following over 300 people…


I actually haven’t been blogging too terribly much because I don’t want to bore my followers to death with talk about how me and sarah are great cozy girlfriends and we watch a lot of breaking bad.

and sometimes I’m just really bored of tumblr and stuff :\

wigmund replied to your post: i am officially sad
Still here *hugs*

i’m glad

you’re such a sweet person and I really enjoy following you too

wigmund replied to your post: also what kind of school allows students to chill…
Mine does, it’s just before finals. The library and union are both open 24/7 right now where I am.

well college yeah.

but this is a high school


wigmund replied to your post: So we’re looking up sex offenders
Depends on the state, looking around online Texas doesn’t have any laws like that. But at least they are registered and being watched by everyone in the area.


I know some states have those laws.

but yeah at least they are being registered and have to get their picture taken every year and stuff 

wigmund replied to your post: wigmund replied to your post: I don’t know if I…
Oh god if Tavrissprite becomes little more than an excuse to mock depression/anxiety/self-esteem issues…

I will cry.


wigmund replied to your post: I don’t know if I can handle today after that update
There’s something very wrong about it and I can see all the issues of abuser/abuse victim in one body being played for laughs.

oh god

I don’t know if I want to deal with that

I expect the sprite to not really


any guiding at all

and just kinda

beat it’s self up.

it woulda been cool if like just one of them.



also where has he stashed the other bodies?

  wigmund said:
Purple, Orange, White, Gray

Purple: 10 facts about my room

  1. the walls are covered in posters and stuff
  2. my sewing machine currently inhabits the middle of the open area.
  3. because of the set up I have to squeeeeze through the end of the bed and the bedside table there to get into the closet.
  4. also all myclothes and extra bedding is in the space at th efoot of the bed right now.
  5. I’m too short to reach the bar in the closet.
  6. all my necklaces are hanging on thumb tacks on the wall
  7. my bed is never made, ever
  8. i have a huge pile of stuffed animals but only bec and bunny get to be in the bed
  9. i also have about 5 more pillows than I need.
  10. and I have a problem with shutting drawers so there’s usually 3+ drawers open at all times
Orange: 6 facts about my home town
  1. It’s a giant confusing metroplex of highways
  2. my best friend lives in the technical city of the hometown.
  3. It’s where JFK died (Actually I was born in the same hospital)
  4. We have all of the big four major league sports teams
  5. One of our buildings downtown is called The Godzilla
  6. We’re The Big D ;3
White: 3 facts about my personality
  1. I’m awkward in general social situations, but con social I’m a butterfly
  2. I’m 5
  3. I’m also a conceited asshole
Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things
  1. a female
  2. a female

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Nothing wrong with crying over things like that Ritz.
If you say so :\

orlyman replied to your post: orlyman replied to your post: I really could only…
not necessarily Dragons, but strange little things, I cried over Megaman a few nights ago

its got ltos of meaning to you

wigmund replied to your post: I jsut realized I left my umbrella in my car. …
Been raining here for a day now with occasional strong thunderstorms cropping up.


we got hella crazy storms last night.

it’s calm right now

but I don’t think that’s gonna last for too long